Residents of occupied Donetsk complain about the deterioration of the quality of food and price increases (Photo) 01/22/2016 18:06:42. Total views 1241. Views today — 0.

High-quality fruits and vegetables have recently disappeared in shops and markets of occupied Donetsk. Readers informed OstroV about this. "Vegetables and fruits of good quality (carrots, beets, cabbage, potatoes, apples) disappeared from shops (including Obzhora supermarket chain). They are selling out spoilt products that were brought before the New Year," - says one of the residents.

"I bought not very good potatoes, they look ok but are rotting inside- it's such a sort of potatoes, as I understand. But they look ok," - wrote another reader. By the way, complaints about the quality of potatoes are becoming increasingly popular. "Today, friends complained that bought rotten potatoes in the ATB," - writes somebody from Donetsk. Some readers did not notice problems with the quality of vegetables and fruits. "There are no problems with vegetables and fruits, in principle. Fruits are brought mostly from Abkhazia, in normal quality", - they reported.

As for prices, they are growing steadily. "The market and shops, in addition to "Pervyi respublikanskyi "(supermarkets of the former ATB network, seized by militants)raised prices on all the products by about 15%," - said another resident of the "DPR".

"Herring is 175-210 rubles per kilogram .... Apple - 50-80 rubles, 300 rubles for greens - hard to find, lemon 180-210 rubles, potatoes 18-25 rubles, carrots 30 rubles, cabbage 15 rubles, and cauliflower from 50 to 100 rubles per kilogram .. Pork is 260 -360 rubles, chicken 130-140 rubles. Chicken liver 140 rubles / kg. beef costs 300 rubles, but there is not much of it,"- shares with the most recent impressions of the trip to the store and the market a resident from Donetsk.