"DNR" leader back-pedaled: teachers and doctors can visit free Ukraine 01/18/2018 16:00:16. Total views 1017. Views today — 0.

Leader of the terrorist "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko has officially explained his "decree" on the ban on departure of state employees of the "republic" to Ukraine. By his explanation, he actually disavowed the main content of the notorious "decree."

Let us quote the "official" words of the militant verbatim:

"Decree No 363 was a least-evil solution to protect both the state as a whole and its citizens. The document was initiated by the Ministry of State Security. During the war, the DNR Ministry of State Security received many testimonies about pressure and hooking of our citizens, who are leaving for the territory of Ukraine, by Ukrainian special services. People became hostages at first, then forced terrorists and traitors. And our opponents do not hesitate to use the most base and cruel methods in their work.

It is not a question of complete ban on travel to Ukraine to employees of state-financed organizations. They include schools, hospitals and libraries — hundreds of thousands of people! We understand full well that isolation will only lead to social tension. I want to emphasize that the document does not apply to working pensioners, who are forced to cross the border in order to get an honest living from Ukraine.

The ban on departure applies exclusively to managers of enterprises and organizations, officials holding high posts and public employees, who have access to state secrets. There are not so many such people in the Republic, and they have already refused to travel to the territory of Ukraine — nobody wants to be declared accomplices of terrorists.

Virtually, the Decree brings nothing new. It rather secures an unspoken rule: if you work in the public sector of the DNR — be prepared for the fact that Kyiv authorities consider you a terrorist, what means that traveling beyond the line of demarcation can result in arrest. The document was created to prevent possible bitter mistakes. The state performs one of its main functions – protection of its own citizens".

This statement of the "DNR" leader contradicts the text of the "decree" signed by him, which directly refers to the ban on departure for all employees of state-financed organizations.

Medical workers, teachers and other "state employees" were informed under signed receipt that they cannot leave the territory of occupied Donbass for trips to free from terrorists Ukraine.

The "decree" caused a rush of indignation of local residents. However, the protests were limited to online networking.