In the "DNR" they threw their exchanged militant "into the basement" 01/09/2018 11:57:50. Total views 850. Views today — 0.

The "DNR authorities" threw "into the basement" one of their militants Maksim Garmash, who returned to the occupied territory by exchange. The “republic” supporter Tatyana Slobodchikova actively spreads such information in social networks.

"Former prisoner of war Maksim Garmash was taken by “Ministry of State Security” officers in an unknown direction right from the hospital, where recently returned political prisoners were on rehabilitation. The officers took his things, saying that Maksim will not return back, and when Maksim’s acquaintance suggested that they take the medicine, the officers replied: "He will not need it there!", - the report says.

"He was brutally beaten, his jaw and bones are broken, he is in a serious condition! They want him to testify against himself that he was cooperating with the SBU!!! This guy went through the torture chambers of the Kyiv regime, but they are killing him at home! I beg you, help save the life of a man who fought for the "Russian world", - Slobodchikova writes.

Maxim Garmash, according to his associates, was the creator and a chairman of a "Union of prisoners of war and political prisoners of Donbass".

Allegedly, immediately after the exchange, still on the bus, "the DNR human rights commissioner" Daria Morozova accused him of posting an opinion that she had "released captive Ukrainians for money".

Supporters of the "militant" predict that the arrest of "ideological and not knowing how to keep silent about sins (of the current leaders of the "DNR"- OstroV) Maksim Garmash" will serve as a precedent for the remaining terrorists and they will refuse to return to the "DNR".

"Seeing this, the ones who remain in captivity, can refuse to exchange – that is exactly what the SBU wanted. And the Ukrainian media will show its adepts a beautiful picture how the "separatists and terrorists" cope with their own people.