Advanced weapons will be received by militants through South Ossetia 12/15/2017 11:52:22. Total views 939. Views today — 0.

Advisor to the "DNR" leader Alexander Kazakov predicts that if the situation worsens on the front, the militants will receive the most advanced weapons through South Ossetia. He wrote about this in social networks, commenting on Canada's decision to hand over lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Furthermore, he stated that the "DNR" would be able to transfer weapons to the free territory of Ukraine to destabilize the situation in the country.

"Canada opened a window for supplies of weapons to Kyiv, which is called "lethal" for some reason. We are talking about automatic weapons and even about the Javelins. The USA could not open the door, remembering Putin's promise: if the West starts supplying weapons to Kyiv, the militiamen can deliver their weapons to the most uncomfortable for Kyiv places.

What will happen? I see two options. 1. The militiamen of Donbass will still begin delivering weapons to some places, sensitive to Kyiv - I will not list them, but I will say that it can be not only Sloviansk and Mariupol. 2. The Donbass may have its own window - for example, South Ossetia, which will supply the DNR armies with advanced weapons to counterbalance the "Canadian window"", - Kazakov wrote.

The unrecognized "republic of South Ossetia" traditionally serves as an intermediary for smuggling products, produced in the occupied territories, and illegal supplies of raw materials and equipment. South Ossetia has no own defence industry – the "republic" is fully equipped with Russian weapons.