"MIA of the LNR" obliged all employees to give up Ukrainian passports and get the "LNR" ones - social networks 12/13/2017 14:52:40. Total views 823. Views today — 0.

The leadership of the "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LNR", under the threat of dismissal, obliged all its employees to obtain passports of the "LNR", and to hand over the Ukrainian ones. This is stated in the post of the group "Sverdlovsk - you must know this" in the social network.

"This is a kind of enslavement, a test for loyalty. Well, who else should be citizens, if not cops?", - it was informed.

In the opinion of the authors of the post, such actions also exclude the risks of unauthorized departure of "policemen" from "LNR" to Ukraine.

"It's not the Gestapo methods of recruiting, but it's not somehow democratic as well. The cops help the migration service to fulfill their plan", - the post concluded.