"DNR" decided not to find out what "cluster munitions" are, but bluntly blame Ukraine for using it 12/12/2017 16:53:03. Total views 850. Views today — 0.

The unrecognized "DNR" has accused ATO forces of allegedly using the so-called cluster munitions. This is reported by the separatist media with reference to the words of salaried propagandist of the militants Eduard Basurin.

"For the first time since 2015, the AFU have used cluster munitions, prohibited by international conventions", - he stated.

This charge is a blatant lie, since cluster munitions are designed to destroy multiple military targets, strewn across the vast expanse, for example, tank or infantry formations. In other words, if using cluster munitions, a huge territory would have entered the area of destruction, where serious destruction and numerous victims would have occurred. Nothing like this was observed in the area of ATO. Therefore, all statements on the use of prohibited weapons by the AFU are unfounded.

The fact that the representative of militants intentionally attributes the use of weapons with a forbidding name to the AFU, is also confirmed by the fact that the veteran officer (E.Basurin graduated from the military school), speaking of cluster munitions, assures that they were stuffed with shrapnel. He cannot be unaware that shrapnel shells are not cluster.

Cluster munitions are ammunition consisting of containers that open in the air and scatter a large number of explosive submunitions or "small-caliber bombs shells" over a vast area.

And finally, the world community closely follows the rather rare cases of using this type of weapon, which is prohibited by the Convention on Cluster Munitions. It is absurd to assume that Ukraine, being under the conditions of strict control, will use cluster munitions, what is more, not to destroy a large amount of equipment and manpower of the enemy, but solely for Basurin to disclose the AFU in violation of the Convention.