Monday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 12/05/2017 11:47:39. Total views 805. Views today — 0.

"The DNR MIA": "Employees of the Kalininskyi district police department of Donetsk, together with operatives of the Donetsk city administration, discovered and detained a malefactor, who killed a 42-year-old seller of one of the district stores for commercial gain".

Media: "Athletes from Luhansk won the Republican Billiards Championship".

"Donetsk City Administration": "74 babies were born in Donetsk for the period from November 27 to December 4: 38 boys and 36 girls".

"Luhansk City Administration": "64 children were born In Luhansk for the period from November 27 to December 3 – 30 boys and 34 girls".

Media: "Surgeons of Donetsk will get acquainted with the experience of their colleagues from the Russian Federation at the congress in Yekaterinburg".

Media: "Employees of the public utilities of Donetsk began the installation of the main New Year tree in the DNR on Lenin Square in the center of the capital".

"The DNR Ministry of Education and Science": "Problems and prospects for employment of graduates of the Donbass universities will be discussed at the International Conference in Donetsk on December 14".

Media: "Luhansk "Theatre on Oboronna" received the "Golden Knight" prize at the International Festival in Moscow".

Media: "The LNR athletes won 20 medals in boxing tournament in the capital of the DNR".

Media: "The LNR boxers won seven medals and a cup for the best technique in tournament in Russia".

Media: "Veterans of the Great Patriotic War from LNR visited the "Ball of Winners" in Moscow".

"The DNR MIA": "5 murders were registered on the territory of the DNR over the weekend".

"The DNR MIA": "In the Kyivskyi district of Donetsk, police officers efficiently discovered and detained ammunition traders. Police officers seized F1 grenade with a fuse and money in the amount of $8".

"The DNR MIA": "Employees of the DNR MIA conducted a "Night City" crime-prevention operation from December 1 to December 3. 388 people were detained for violation of the curfew".

"The LNR Ministry of Emergency Situations": "Employees of the MIA and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the LNR deactivated F1 hand grenade, which was discovered in the courtyard of Luhansk school No. 26 in the morning of December 4".