Workers of Stirol in Horlivka are promised to give some food with the support of the "DNR" leader 11/27/2017 11:41:04. Total views 817. Views today — 0.

Workers of the once largest in Ukraine Stirol chemical concern in the occupied Horlivka are promised to give so-called food sets. The "official" website of the "DNR" reports this as a great achievement in the protection of workers' rights.

"At 11.00 a.m. on Tuesday, employees of Stirol state-owned enterprise, where external management is introduced, will receive food sets from the special public headquarters for control over the transfer of enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction to the external management of the Republic with the support of the Head of the DNR", - the report said.

As previously reported, in practice, the so-called introduction of "external management" means the confiscation of property from legitimate owners. The occupants fail to provide production activities of the "grabbed" enterprises and, accordingly, to pay wages to the workers. Instead of a fair wage, the occupation authorities introduced the practice of solemn delivery of cellophane packages with a minimum set of essential products to starving workers.