Cortege of Plotnitsky and Co. left occupied Luhansk - Russian media 11/23/2017 15:48:06. Total views 743. Views today — 0.

The cortege with the "LNR" leader Igor Plotnitsky and other persons from his entourage has left occupied Luhansk for Russia, - Novaya Gazeta reports.

It is noted that head of his "administration" Irina Teitsman, head of the LNR public TV and radio company Anastasia Shurkayeva and a number of other persons also left with Plotnitsky.

At the same time, "government" buildings are still cordoned off by armed people, such as, presumably, employees of the "LNR" "MIA" and "DNR" "Ministry of State Security".

As previously reported, on 21 November, an attempted coup took place in occupied Luhansk: the fake "minister of the Interior" Igor Kornet brought armed people and equipment to the streets, refusing to recognize the "decree" of the "LNR" leader Igor Plotnitsky about his resignation. According to the media reports, troops from the neighboring "DNR" came to help the rebel. It was also reported that people of Kornet arrested "officials" of the administration of Plotnitsky, having accused them of working for the special services of Ukraine.