Wednesday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 11/23/2017 10:15:00. Total views 786. Views today — 0.

"Operational command of the DNR": "On November 22, Ukrainian forces occupied Gladosove village, local residents were ordered not to leave their homes. Mortars were already transferred to the village, they also began to mine the neighborhood of the village".

"The Ministry of State Security of the DNR": "The Ministry of State Security of the DNR and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR report that as a result of joint counter-intelligence and anti-diversion operations, the activities of the main members of the criminal group of the 3rd Ukrainian separate regiment were suppressed. The main task of the group was the preparation and conduct of sabotage and terrorist acts in the territory of the Republic in order to destabilize the political situation".

"The Ministry of State Security of the LNR": "Ex-Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the LNR Gennadiy Tsypalkov died from torture in September 2016. The investigator for especially important cases of the Prosecutor General's Office of the LNR, Aleksey Oleinik, turned himself in and spoke about the signs of torture on Tsypkalov's body. He also named the employee of the Prosecutor General's Office who ordered the falsification of forensic experts' results".

Media: "On November 21, provocators hacked the website of the People's Militia of the LNR and placed false information on it. "The purpose of such a provocation was the dissemination of false information that allegedly our Defence department is calling for war with the DNR and is beginning a general mobilization. We officially declare that there can be no mobilization or armed confrontation with the DNR", - the People's Militia stressed".

"The MES of the DNR": "On November 23, the 71st humanitarian convoy from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation arrives in the DNR. It will deliver more than 360 tons of baby food kits, medicines and children's gifts. The jubilee 70th convoy came to the republic on October 26".

Media: "The teachers of the DNR will discuss the development of Russian education abroad at an international conference in Surgut ".

"Central Bank of the DNR": "The first ATM of the Central Bank of the DNR appeared in the resort village Sedove on the coast of the Azov Sea".

Media: "Almost 70 residents of the region applied to participate in the contest "Miss Donbass - Winter 2017".

Media: "The Russian "Vivaldi Orchestra" performed songs of the Soviet era in Luhansk".

Media: "The Comedy Show "Thirst for Laughter" intends to organize two humor festivals in 2018 with the participation of comedians from the DNR and the Russian Federation".