Military takeover: TV broadcasting and mobile communication were turned off in occupied Luhansk 11/21/2017 17:00:43. Total views 1258. Views today — 0.

TV broadcasting and Lugakom "local" mobile communication were turned off in occupied Luhansk. This is written by residents in social networks.

"TV and Lugakom are not working", - users write. They report that armed men with white armbands had seized the television center and the separatist "state-owned" TV and radio company. "Now they are looking for a record of Swan Lake ballet", - residents of the occupied part of the Luhansk oblast joke, hinting at 1991 coup of the State Committee on the State of Emergency in Moscow.

As previously reported, the events in the "LNR" have all features of mutiny and coup: the head of the "republic" Igor Plotnitsky dismissed the "Minister of the Interior" Igor Kornet, who did not obey the "decree" and seized the administrative center of Luhansk with the support of armed men and, according to him, arrested people from the "top echelons of power", loyal to Plotnitsky.