The SBU says that lists for the exchange of prisoners of war have already been agreed upon 11/20/2017 17:01:38. Total views 632. Views today — 0.

The Ukrainian military and illegal armed units of pro-Kremlin mercenaries have exchanged the lists of POW that are due to be exchanged in the near time. A source in the SBU, Ukraine’s state security service reported that in a commentary for 112.ua news agency.

The list filed by mercenaries is much longer than the one by Ukrainian side; however, it remains uncertain how many persons are there in these lists.

According to the SBU’s interlocutor, most of the POWs whom the militants intend to exchange are Ukrainian military servicemen and those ‘suspected in cooperation with the SBU, military intelligence, Border Guard or Special Operations Forces.’ 

The source added that Ukraine, likewise, is going to exchange those suspected in collaboration with pro-Russian militants. However, the SBU are not going to release suspects in high-profile cases, like the suspect in the murder of Colonel Kharaberyush.  

‘We’re waiting for the signal, which is expected within a month,’ the interlocutor said.

As previously reported, adviser to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit said that the Ukrainian side is ready to hand over to the occupation "authorities" more than 300 people from their list in exchange for 74 Ukrainian hostages.