Main versions of the terrorist act in Kyiv, which killed two people and injured MP, are named 10/26/2017 17:23:51. Total views 722. Views today — 0.

The investigation considers several versions of the explosion in Kyiv, which killed two people and injured MP Ihor Mosiychuk. This was reported at a briefing in Kyiv today by the first deputy prosecutor of Kyiv Pavlo Kononenko, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"We consider several versions of what happened. The first version was voiced by Mosiychuk himself, it is an attempt to assassinate Mosiychuk, which was organized by Russian secret services. We will talk about actual doers only when we determine the criminals", - he reported.

"The second version is Mosiychuk's political activity, his public position in our state", - Kononenko added.

"And the third version is an attempt to kill Mosiychuk on personal grounds", - the deputy head of Kyiv prosecutor said.

He also noted that he does not reject other versions, including an attempted assassination of political analyst Vitaliy Bala, who was also injured as a result of explosion.

"We cannot put off the version of an attempted assassination of any political and public figure, who could be on Espreso TV television channel during this time" - Kononenko reported.

It was reported earlier that unidentified persons attempted the life of people's deputy from the Radical Party Ihor Mosiychuk.

Two people were killed as a result of explosion, Mosiychuk was injured and is in hospital.