Occupation "authorities" of CDDO explained that they can "legally" deprive immigrants of the right for a living space 10/25/2017 13:55:03. Total views 705. Views today — 0.

Occupation "authorities" of CDDO stated that they could deprive people who do not live in their living space for 6 months of the right for a living space. Special aspects of eviction of citizens were explained at a briefing in the controlled by militants Donetsk by representative of the fake "supreme court" of the "DNR" Liliya Rieznikova, - the separatist media report.

According to Rieznikova, it is possible to recognize a person who "does not live in this housing for 6 months without good excuse" as a person who lost such right. "This applies to apartments that are of state and communal ownership. When applying to the court, this must be taken into account and checked, when considering the case", - she said.

As for the housing, belonging to the right of personal ownership, in this case, it is envisaged "to keep the right to use the living quarters for 1 year for the temporarily absent persons, if they did not live there". "If it is more than 1 year, then the question of recognizing them as having lost the right for a living space can be raised. And again — the court takes into account the reasons why an individual does not live in this living space", — Rieznikova said.

Many owners of apartments and private houses in the part of the Donetsk oblast, controlled by militants, were forced to leave their homes because of occupation and hostilities.