The "DNR" authorities griped business like a vice, but it is possible to get it done – militant Khodakovsky 10/17/2017 17:33:54. Total views 927. Views today — 0.

So-called "fixers" appeared in the "DNR" for chasing up debts that had accumulated since the beginning of occupation of the Donetsk oblast territory from the entrepreneurs. The creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky wrote this on his Facebook.

According to him, they are trying to get debts from entrepreneurs with the help of specially "formed authorities".

"The debts of entrepreneurs are being spread for kickbacks - special "fixers" appeared, who agree with the offices on delay or installment of payments, which are calculated by astronomical sums of money, through bribes - everything that accumulated for years, regardless of whether the business was working or not, was threw at people", - he wrote.

Especially hard is for entrepreneurs who must pay the "republic" land tax. According to Khodakovsky, this tax was allotted to everyone even during the active phase of fighting in the Donbass and the "interregnum" period.

Khodakovsky recalled how the "DNR" leader A.Zakharchenko personally promised not to collect debts for this period. Also, according to him, earlier, "there was a division between old suppliers and new republican", in this connection, entrepreneurs "were literally told not to pay the old".