The ATO headquarters refuted information about taking control of the landing strip and terminal of Donetsk Airport by the AFU 10/09/2017 12:28:15. Total views 744. Views today — 0.

The ATO headquarters has refuted information about taking the landing strip of Donetsk Airport under the control of Ukrainian military. Anatoliy Stelmakh, the spokesman for the ATO headquarters, reported this on 112 Ukraine.

When asked whether the Ukrainian military took control of the landing strip of Donetsk Airport, as a number of media reported, Anatoliy Stelmakh replied: "We do not have such information. We do not conduct offensive action, we are keeping the line of delimitation, defined by the peace agreements. We do not have any progress".

As previously reported, a number of media reported that Ukrainian fighters claimed full fire control over the landing strip and the outskirts of Donetsk Airport.