Minsk agreements are not a legal document - Ruban 09/29/2017 17:30:50. Total views 893. Views today — 1.

Minsk agreements are not a legal document, therefore Russia can be recognized as an aggressor in the law on the status of the occupied Donbass. This was said by the head of the Department for Humanitarian Policy of the Presidential Administration Yuriy Ruban on ZIK channel.

"In the Minsk agreements, the Russian side is described as a party that, in the framework of this process, has undertaken clear obligations to guarantee the fulfillment of the mentioned items... But this is not a legal document. It (Russia – Ed.) assumed responsibility that the party on the other side (the "DNR/LNR" militants - OstroV) will fulfill the agreements. Russia says that it is an intermediary", - he said.

At the same time, Ruban stressed that the status of an "intermediary", in the opinion of the Russian Federation, is not recognized by the world community.

According to him, Ukraine has achieved the fact that Western partners now clearly call Russia as “a party to the conflict".

"First of all, I want to draw your attention to the interview of Mr. Volker, I want to draw your attention to the statements of Macron and Merkel, who clearly say that Russia is a party to the conflict, and this is the result of our work with the interpretation of the Minsk agreements", - he said.