"Forget about Europe". Due to the law on education, Hungary will block the European integration of Ukraine - Foreign Ministry statement 09/26/2017 13:33:02. Total views 958. Views today — 0.

The Hungarian government decided to block all further decisions of the European Union aimed at bringing the EU closer to Ukraine. This was stated on Tuesday by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siatro, - Yevropeiska Pravda wrote.

This decision was the response of the official Budapest to the signing of the law "On Education" by President Poroshenko.

"We can guarantee that this will hurt the future of Ukraine", - the Foreign Minister stressed. Poroshenko's decision he called as "shameful one". The official website of the Foreign Ministry quotes him as saying that Poroshenko has declared Ukraine's desire to be closer to Europe, but the decision to sign the law is "far from Europe, because a huge step was taken in the opposite direction".

In the message of the Foreign Ministry it is noted that Ukraine "can forget about integration into Europe", as well as an explanation in the form of a direct quote from the minister: "Hungary will block any initiatives beneficial to Ukraine in international organizations, especially in the EU".

As previously reported, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the Law of Ukraine No. 2145-VIII "On Education", adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 5, 2017.