The "DNR" intends to "legalize" the "grabbing" of real estate from the Kolesnikovs via the fake "court" 09/20/2017 12:41:22. Total views 762. Views today — 0.

Occupational "authorities" of CDDO intend to "legalize" the "grabbing" of real estate from "Yug Firm", which belongs to the family of head of the "opposition government" of Ukraine, the president of HC Donbass Boris Kolesnikov, via the fake "court". The corresponding report appeared on the so-called "official" website of the "DNR".

At the same time, real estate which has legal owners was called "ownerless".

"The State Property Fund of the Donetsk People's Republic notifies the "Yug Firm" limited liability company (identification code 13488368) on filing a statement of claim in the Arbitration Court of the Donetsk People's Republic for the recognition of ownership of ownerless real estate", - the report said.

The list of real estate objects, which the occupational "authorities" intend to take away in this case, is not specified.

OOO "Yug Firm" is now registered in Konstantynivka, it belongs to Boris and Svitlana Kolesnikovs.