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"The MIA of the LNR": "A violent explosion occurred on the evening of September 18 near the Luhansk Music and Drama Theater on Oboronnaya Str. in downtown Luhansk. According to preliminary information, a monument to the paratroopers was undermined. As a result of the explosion, the combat vehicle mounted on the pedestal was destroyed and caught fire. Firefighters eliminated fire at the site of the explosion. Law enforcement authorities of the LNR suspect members of the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group of undermining the monument".

"Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LNR” Vladislav Danego: "Fortunately, there are no victims of the explosion of the monument to the paratroopers in Luhansk. Only the monument was damaged. And, perhaps, the OSCE observers were scared, because their office is located just over 600 meters from the site of the explosion".

"Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LNR” Vladislav Danego: "Kyiv is not happy with the process of "binding" the military component, there is no need to stabilize the situation on the line of demarcation for them. They seek to obtain lethal weapons from the USA, regular loans from the IMF and other "sponsors" of the war in the Donbass. They need a deserted Donbass, only the territory and natural resources. The real occupation is implied by the requirement to deploy the UN contingent throughout the territory and transfer the weapons storage sites under their control. This rhetoric is constantly replicated by the official Kyiv in the media. And now it has reached the UN Security Council".

"The MES of the DNR": "Pyrotechnics of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR revealed and neutralized 1293 units of explosive items for the past week".

Media: "The administration of Luhansk held 18 raids to combat spontaneous trade for the past week".

Media: "Vaccination against influenza began in medical institutions of Luhansk. This was reported with reference to the chief doctor of the city children's hospital No. 2 Anna Dobrokhotova".

"Donetsk City Administration": "From September 11 to 17, 71 babies were born in Donetsk: 37 boys and 34 girls".

"Luhansk City Administration": "From September 11 to 17, 82 babies were born in Luhansk: 40 boys and 42 girls".

Media: "The final of the DNR Football Cup will be held in Donetsk on September 23, between the football clubs "Donbass Oplot"(Donetsk) and "Arsenal" (Makiivka). The match will be held at the Metallurg stadium at 15:00. The admission is free".

Media: "Actors of the Donetsk Republican Academic Theater of the Young Spectator (Makiivka) went to Russian Taganrog for the Chekhov Festival".

"The MIA of the DNR: "In Snizhne, police officers detained a 24-year-old citizen who openly stole a bag with food from a 60-year-old pensioner".

"The MIA of the DNR": "In the Kalinin district of Donetsk, policemen discovered and seized an F-1 grenade with a fuse from a 36-year-old citizen".

"The MIA of the DNR": "An unknown man with a grenade in his hand in a state of intoxication threatened to blow up a cafe located in Leninsky district of Donetsk. Later, the man fled, but was swiftly detained. The detainee explained that he found ammunition about a year ago and kept it at home. On that day, he saw men in the cafe with whom he had many conflicts. Under the influence of alcohol, he decided to take revenge on the offenders. He went home, took a grenade and returned to the institution, where he threatened that he would blow up the offenders. A criminal case has been opened".

"The MIA of the DNR": "From September 16 to 18, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR conducted a Night City preventive operation, during which 508 entertainment establishments were checked, and 184 protocols on the fact of drinking alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages in prohibited places or appearance in public places in a drunken state were drawn up. 532 people were detained for violating the curfew".

Media: "Art director of the St. Petersburg drama and burlesque theatre "My" Magdalena Kurapina will present a chamber author's solo performance "Dreams Come True” in Luhansk".