"Donbass is Ukraine!". The former head of the "DNR CEC" recognized that there would not be life in the CDDLO without Ukraine 08/31/2017 12:31:05. Total views 973. Views today — 1.

The former head of the so-called "CEC of the DNR" Roman Lyagin said that the return of normal life to the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast is possible only on condition of returning to Ukraine. He stated this on his Facebook page.

"I was the organizer of the referendum and responsible for the disruption of the Ukrainian elections in 2014. I did what I did according to my convictions, sincerely and with full dedication! I believed in Russia, which will not leave us. But it threw us under the tanks! Thousands of people are killed for the sake of the television picture. Donbass is not destined to be the next Crimea! We were betrayed and sold!", - wrote Lyagin.

He noted that Russia, which the ardent participants of the "Russian Spring" imagined, "does not exist and it never did".

"The return to Ukraine is inevitable for the return of normal life, the resumption of work of enterprises! Donbass is Ukraine!", – Lyagin wrote.

In comments to his post, he added that returning to Ukraine is the only way for the CDDLO. "There are tens of thousands of unemployed miners in Donetsk alone. Who will feed their children? It's time to tell the truth - the Donbass will not become independent or a part of the Russian Federation. Only Ukraine is left, which already controls 2/3 of Donbass!", - Lyagin said.

As reported earlier, the so-called chairman of the fake "CEC" of the "DNR" Roman Lyagin was dismissed from the "post" on April 5th, 2016. He was reported to have negligent attitude toward his duties, violate labour discipline systematically and be engaged in activities outside the scope of his functions, including with the aim of personal enrichment.

Roman Lyagin was responsible for conducting fake "referendum" on the formation of the "DNR" and counting votes in 2014. "Ballots" for the "referendum" were printed uncontrollably "in the cellars" and did not have any degrees of protection. Its results were not recognized by any civilized country in the world.