Leaders of the Normandy Four countries endorsed the idea of declaring a "school truce" 08/23/2017 10:45:51. Total views 965. Views today — 0.

The Normandy format leaders - Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia - welcome the decision of Trilateral Contact Group on the settlement of situation in the Donbass on August 23 to declare the introduction of ceasefire in the Donbass in connection with the beginning of academic year. This is reported in press service of the President of Ukraine.

"The Normandy format leaders - Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia - held a telephone conversation on August 22, 2017. They expressed strong support for the decision of Trilateral Contact Group, scheduled for August 23, to declare a ceasefire on the occasion of the beginning of academic year", - the statement said.

Date of the beginning of future truce is not specified, however, the Normandy Four leaders expressed their hope that the coming ceasefire would lead to a sustainable improvement of the security situation in the interests of schoolchildren and the entire civilian population of Donbass.

As previously reported, the so-called "bread truce", declared earlier, was not kept for a single day.