"Russkoe Radio - Ukraina" will be broadcasted in the front-line zone of Donbass 08/18/2017 14:52:29. Total views 980. Views today — 0.

The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting issued permits for temporary broadcasting on the ATO territory to several TV and radio companies. This was reported by the press service of the department.

It is noted that "Russkoe Radio - Ukraina" will be broadcasted in Donetsk oblast at 101.2 MHz, in Avdiivka and Marinka at 104.1 MHz, as well as at 107.9 MHz in Bakhmutivka in Luhansk oblast. In Bakhmutivka, the company plans to start broadcasting on August 22.

In addition, the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine will also broadcast in Bakhmutivka. In particular, the programs of the LOT TV channel will be broadcasted on 21 TVK, and the Persha Prohrama of the Ukrainian Radio will be broadcasted on the frequency of 92.4 MHz.

The radio company Gala will also broadcast there at a frequency of 96.2 MHz.

As the National Council noted, Bakhmutivka will get digital broadcasting on the 40th television channel, where the TV channels 5 Channel, LOT, Priamyj, Pravda Tut will be aired.