Russia announced a detention of the "SBU agent" with a saw 08/15/2017 17:50:21. Total views 735. Views today — 1.

The FSB of Russia has prevented acts of sabotage against Crimean infrastructure and crucial utilities and allegedly detained an agent of the Ukrainian Security Service. This was stated in the FSB Public Relations Center, - Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"The FSB department in the republic of Crimea and Sevastopol conducting an investigative operation has detained an agent of the Ukrainian Security Service in the Kherson region; the agent was sent to Crimea for staging acts of sabotage. FSB officers apprehended Gennady Lemeshko on August 12 when he was trying to damage a power transmission line near the Sudak-Novy Svet road", - was reported in the FSB.

According to its information, the detainee was carrying two 200-type TNT blocks with ZTP-50 fuses, a detonator, an RGD-5 grenade with an installed fuse, canisters with an incendiary liquid, a hand saw (for sawing wooden pillars of the power transmission line) and a digital camera "for documenting the acts of sabotage and reporting them to his curators in the Ukrainian Security Service".

The report says that the citizen of Ukraine H.Lemeshko is a native of the Kharkiv oblast, who previously served in the ATO zone "as a senior intelligence officer of deep reconnaissance in one of the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he arrived in the Crimea on August 9, 2017, where, in accordance with the SBU mission, had to commit a number of illegal actions".

A criminal case was opened. Investigative activities and operational procedures are being carried out to identify possible accomplices of the "Ukrainian saboteur", the Public Relations Center of the Russian FSB noted.

In turn, it was stated to the Security Service of Ukraine that this was "another provocation" of the Russian special service.

"The Russian FSB resorted to another provocation, informing about the detention of the alleged "SBU's agent" in Crimea. We believe that such fake news is needed by Russian special services to intimidate the population of the peninsula, which increasingly expresses its dissatisfaction with the occupation authorities. Against the backdrop of life worsening of Crimeans, the FSB launches a "broken record" again, trying to accuse Ukraine and its law enforcement agencies of its own troubles and problems in Crimea", - the SBU statement, made public by the speaker of the department Olena Hitlianska on Facebook, said.