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Media: "The leader of the LNR sent his condolences to the President of Abkhazia on the occasion of the Memorial Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland".

"The head of Migration Service of the DNR MIA" Vladimir Krasnoshcheka: "Since beginning of the issuance of the DNR passports, the migration service of the republic has issued 105100 passports".

Media: "The head of the LNR Igor Plotnitsky instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs to simplify the procedure for issuing the LNR passport".

"The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR": "From August 13 to August 14, 193 fires were eliminated in the DNR, including 157 occasions of dry vegetation burning. This figure is a record. Such a number of fires per day has not yet occurred in the republic".

"The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the LNR": "According to the information of the Luhanskvoda state enterprise, Ukraine restored the water supply from the Petrovska pumping station to Luhansk on the afternoon of August 12. As of August 14, up to 8.9 thousand cubic meters of water per day is supplied to Luhansk".

Media: "Twenty employees of the Yenakieve Steel Plant, which was transferred to external management, joined the public movement "Donetsk republic".

Media: "Zugress poultry farm purchased 20 thousand chickens from its Russian partners to update the stock".

"Donetsk City Administration": "During the period from 7 to 13 August, 89 babies were born in Donetsk: 50 boys and 39 girls".

"Luhansk City Administration": "During the period from 7 to 13 August, 72 babies were born in born in Luhansk: 39 boys and 33 girls".

"The DNR MIA": On August 12-14, more than 612 people were detained in Donetsk for violating the curfew, 6 of them - on suspicion of committing a crime. 12 people were detained for petty hooliganism and 6 - for malicious disobedience to the lawful request of a police officer".

"The DNR MIA": "The head of administration of one of the cities of the republic was detained red-handed on receiving a bribe of $2200".

Media: "Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LNR seized more than 3.5 kg of gunpowder from the residents of the republic in one day".

Media: "The head of the LNR Igor Plotnitsky instructed the Ministry of Transport and the administration of Krasnodon and the Krasnodon district to repair the roads on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Young Guard youth organization".

Media: "The Ministry of Culture of the LNR invites residents of the republic and territory under Kyiv’s control for a tour to Krasnodon".