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"The DNR MIA": "Employees of the DNR MIA stopped the activities of a criminal group, which included employees of the state registration chamber of the Ministry of Justice. The attackers artificially complicated and delayed the process of registering proprietary interests in property for the purpose of making money, what forced the residents of republic to give monetary rewards for the timely performance of their duties".

"People's Militia of the LNR": "Tank elements of People's Militia worked out combat criteria, including shooting and driving cars under the conditions of challenging terrain, at one of the training ranges of the republic".

"The DNR Operational command": "The first stage of contests of armor sections began at the training ranges of the armed forces of republic. The victorious sections will take part in struggle for the title of the best section of the DNR, after which the traditional competitions between the DNP and LNR tankmen will be held".

"The DNR Ministry of Emergency Situations": "A department of diving operations and fireworks was created in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR. Its main task is explosive ordnance reconnaissance at the bottom of reservoirs and the subsequent disposal of explosive ordnance".

"The LNR Prosecutor General's Office": "The LNR Prosecutor General's Office instructed the Ministry of State Security and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to identify persons, involved in the distribution of leaflets in Luhansk with inaccurate information about the alleged issuance of food packages for the upcoming Miner's Day from the fund of the head of republic".

Media: "The head of the LNR Igor Plotnitsky presented the bonus payments to journalists who had won the monthly professional competition in June and July. The winners of the contest of journalists received certificates for $165".

Media: "A group of 10 LNR teachers left for Crimea on August 10 to take advanced training courses as part of the activities, approved by the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee".

"The DNR Ministry of Health": "In Donetsk, the republican trauma center carried out the first operation to replace the hip joint of a resident from the territory under Ukraine's control in the framework of the humanitarian program for the reunification of the people of Donbass".

Media: ""United Donbass" Mixed Martial Arts International Tournament (MMA) will be held in Olimpiyskiy republican sports complex in Donetsk on August 26. The main event of the evening will be a fight between an athlete from the city of Krasnyi Luch Nikita "The Miner" Krylov and an experienced fighter from the city of Dubrovnik (Croatia) Maro Perak. In total, nine fights are scheduled for the tournament".

Media: "Deputies of the people's council with the support of the head of the DNR Alexander Zakharchenko organized an excursion to the plant for the production of ice cream for children from the front-line districts of the capital".

"Chairman of the "Luhansk Football Union" Yuriy Malygin: "I think the national teams of the LNR and the DNR will play at the end of November. As always, we will close the football season, that is, I invite fans in advance".

"The LNR Prosecutor General's Office": "The fact of theft of food products in Chervonopartyzansk specialized boarding school is established".

"The LNR Prosecutor General's Office": "The prosecutor's office of Stakhanov suppressed the fact of a person prosecution. It was established during the inspection that the investigator did not be sure of the identity of citizen P., born in 2003, and instituted a criminal case against him in connection with the acquisition and storage of narcotics in a considerable amount without the purpose of selling. However, the person, who was subject to criminal liability, has not reached the age of criminal liability by the time of commitment of the above-noted act".

"The LNR MIA": "Employees of the Department on Combating Illegal Drug Trafficking of the LNR MIA revealed the fact of using 1400 ampoules of Promedol narcotic drug with expired shelf-life in the hospital of Luhansk".