Compulsory registration for mobile subscribers in Ukraine: a draft law of the State Special Communications Service is ready 08/09/2017 13:11:27. Total views 832. Views today — 4.

The State Special Communications Service has drafted a bill that requires compulsory registration of mobile subscribers in Ukraine, - LIGABusinessInform reports.

"The department which acts as a ministry in telecommunications (the State Special Communications Service) has drafted a bill on compulsory registration of mobile subscribers. It offers the customers of cellular operators to retain the right to enter into a contract in written or any other form. But it intends to oblige the telco companies to collect personal data of all users without any exception", - the article said.

Furthermore, the State Special Communications Service offers in the same document to reintroduce the practice of maintaining the database of unique identifiers of IMEI-codes.

The draft law appeared on the State Special Communications Service's website on July 19. The department has tried to introduce "passportization" of subscribers before as well, the previous one was in 2015.

According to the explanatory note to the draft law of the State Special Communications Service, the lack of system for registering subscribers and unique codes for mobile devices complicates the implementation of national security measures "under the conditions of cyber threats".

According to the State Special Communications Service's plan, other departments will have only three months to adapt their normative acts since the moment of the law adoption.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission has passed the bill of the State Special Communications Service yesterday at a regular meeting, but with significant number of comments. In particular, the regulator proposes to increase the transition period up to six months. During this time, subscribers who are now receiving services impersonally will have to provide their personal data to operators.

For its part, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission is preparing for innovation. It developed the procedure for registering subscribers without signing a contract in writing. You can also send personal information in electronic form.

The second part of the draft law (on registration of IMEI-codes) was considered raw. The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission e hopes that the communications administration will finalize it.

Representatives of mobile operators also say that the proposed bill is far from perfect. "The draft law is written unprofessionally. We disagree with it!" - the president of Kyivstar Petro Chernyshov wrote.

"We support the proposed changes and are ready to implement electronic registration of subscribers provided that the interests of our customers are observed. The most important risk is that some subscribers who WILL NOT have time to register may remain without communication services", - press secretary of Vodafone Ukraine Viktoria Pavlovska said.

According to Pavlovska, considering the size of the company's subscriber base (20.9 million SIM cards), a realistic time for full registration of all subscribers is two years. "In a year we will be able to register all new subscribers", - she summed up.