170 tons of ammunition got to the “LDNR” from Russia through Debaltseve and Luhansk - Tymchuk 08/02/2017 17:50:53. Total views 801. Views today — 0.

730 tons of fuel were delivered to the occupied Luhansk and Rovenki from the territory of the Russian Federation. The coordinator of the Information Resistance Dmytro Tymchuk wrote that on Facebook.

So, according to Tymchuk, about 730 tons of fuel were delivered to the “LDNR” from the territory of Russia for the operation of the units of the “1st DNR army corps” and the “2nd LNR army corps” (railway stations Luhansk, Rovenky), 170 tons of ammunition (railway station Debaltseve), 2 units of 122-mm MLRS Grad (railway station Dolzhansk).

It is also noted that the "LNR" militants transfer a significant amount of diesel fuel through Krasnodon to Luhansk - the transfer process is being observed for at least 4 days.

"The same situation was previously reported in the area of Novofedorivka and Bile. The militants seem to have been actively replenishing the stocks of fuels and lubricants and creating a significant reserve", - the message said.