The "DNR" confessed to the arrest of journalist Aseev - "Foreign Ministry" of militants told the Union of Journalists of Russia 07/28/2017 14:38:16. Total views 789. Views today — 0.

Journalist Stanislav Aseev was arrested, the "DNR" opened a "criminal case" against him. This is stated in the letter of the secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia Timur Shafir to the chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Serhiy Tomilenko.

"After the last meeting under the auspices of the OSCE (June 19-20), at which a joint statement was made about the fate of journalist Aseev, we used all the opportunities that we have to clarify the situation with his whereabouts", - Timur Shafir noted.

According to the information that was sent to Moscow by the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DNR", Stanislav Aseev is accused of committing crimes envisaged in the "DNR criminal code" and the course of the investigation is controlled by the "General Prosecutor's Office of the republic".

As reported earlier, the “DNR Ministry of State Security” had officially confirmed that he was detained.

On June 20, a joint statement was made by the heads of the journalistic unions of Ukraine and Russia calling for an early clarification of the fate of Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseev, who disappeared in Donetsk in June. The document was signed during the OSCE conference in Vienna.