27 people died presumably from the influenza and related complications 01/12/2016 20:25:51. Total views 1540. Views today — 0.

Twenty-seven deaths presumably from complications of the influenza are recorded in Donetsk region as of January 12th. The deputy director of the health department in the region Vladimir Kolesnikov commented on this for OstroV.

"Twenty-seven people as of this morning. Since the end of December...", - said Kolesnikov.

He said that at the moment it was not known which strain of the influenza virus attacked the residents of Donetsk region.

"I think that more than half of this amount is not connected with the influenza at all," - suggested the deputy director of the health department in the region.

As reported, 7124 men suffered the flu and acute respiratory viral infections in Donetsk region in the second week of January 2016. The incident rate per 10 thousand of population is 36.0, which is by 12.1% higher than the previous week, but 47% lower than the epidemic threshold (67.9 per 10 thousand).

Only in Kramatorsk (the only one in the region) the incidence has exceeded the epidemic threshold for already two weeks. In the first week of January, the excess was 39.3% (98.5 per 10 thousand of population), in the second week incidence increased by another 9.6% and exceeded the epidemic threshold at 59.1%, i.e. 1.6 times. The increased incidence was observed among the adult population - 44.7%. Among children up to 17 years, the incidence per week decreased by 14.8%, including among school children - 52.6%, which was due to the winter break.

In other cities and districts of the region the incidence among the population ranges from 2.8 to 57.6 per 10 thousand people without reaching epidemic levels.