VIDEOFACT. ATO HQ showed the consequences of shelling Avdiivka’s residential areas 07/19/2017 13:46:11. Total views 1203. Views today — 0.

Video of the ATO HQ press center

In the evening of July 18, militants shelled Avdiivka vicinity. One mine of 82 mm caliber landed in the house No. 4a in Shevchenko Street, the other one got to the garden of the house No. 6. As a result of the shelling, two people were injured: the brothers Yuriy and Oleksandr Mezentsev.

"I heard a characteristic shell whoosh, we got used to it here. The shard hit me in the head, and Oleksandr got two shrapnel wounds - in the temple's area and in the foot", - Yuriy said. Neighbor Serhiy Mezentsev (namesake), whose house was also hit by a mine, called the ambulance.

Doctors of the Avdiivka central city hospital assessed the condition of the victims as satisfactory. They promptly provided first aid.