If Ukraine does not agree to the "Malorossia" nicely, then the "DNR" will unleash the war – militant "Tashkent" 07/18/2017 15:26:11. Total views 726. Views today — 0.

A proposition to establish the so-called "Malorossia" does not contradict the Minsk agreements. This was stated by the self-proclaimed "vice-premier of the DNR" Alexander Timofeev, nicknamed "Tashkent".

"Our proposition does not contradict the Minsk. And exactly what is in the Minsk pact about what should happen from our propositions is the fulfillment of the Minsk", - he told journalists.

"Ukraine disappears. There is no definition in the Minsk of how and what should be called there, there is integrity of borders and sovereignty. So we had proclaimed the integrity of the borders of Malorossia and sovereignty". Therefore, we do not contradict the Minsk. But if we are not heard by peaceful means we will use the military ones", - Timofeev threatened.

Earlier on Tuesday, the leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko had announced the establishment of "Malorossia" new state. At the same time, the "LNR" militants had categorically rejected the information that their representatives took part in the "establishment" of new "state".