Conversion center with a turnover of more than 4 billion hryvnia has been eliminated in Kiev 01/12/2016 19:09:44. Total views 1106. Views today — 1.

The employees of the tax service and prosecutor’s office have eliminated a large conversion center with a turnover of 4, 1 billion hryvnia in Kiev. This was stated by the first deputy head of the SFS Sergei Bilan on Facebook.

"In Kiev the tax police officers of the Central Office for servicing major payers of the SFS together with the Prosecutor General's Office have eliminated recently one of the largest conversion centers. Its total turnover for the work period amounted to about 4.1 billion hryvnia, which allowed lawbreakers to generate illegal tax credit of 246 million hryvnia,"- said the statement.

It is noted that the companies, that benefited from illegal activities, have been found. They were located in Kiev, as well as Kiev, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.