Two more turbines similar to Siemens were delivered to the Crimea - Reuters 07/13/2017 12:57:14. Total views 896. Views today — 0.

Two more gas turbines appear to have been delivered to Russian-controlled Crimea, according to two Reuters reporters who saw the equipment at the port of Feodosia.

Reuters has no independent confirmation the equipment on the dock was Siemens-made turbines, though their dimensions and shape match photographs of Siemens gas turbine systems.

They comprised four cylindrical objects, several meters long, and covered with blue and gray tarpaulins.

Earlier it became known that Siemens filed lawsuits against those involved in the delivery of its turbines to the occupied Crimea.

Previously Reuters reported, referring to its sources, that turbines produced by the German concern Siemens, were supplied to the Crimea, bypassing the EU sanctions.

The fact of delivery is denied by Siemens. In turn, the company Rostech said that it did not purchase turbines for TPP in the Crimea directly from Siemens, but purchased equipment in the after-market.

Siemens promised not to allow the use of its power equipment in the occupied Crimea.