"Deputies" of the "LNR" will be sent to the field camp for a week to "understand soldiers' life" 07/10/2017 17:11:59. Total views 1137. Views today — 0.

The terrorist "LNR" intends to send its "deputies" to weekly field training. This was discussed at a meeting in Luhansk.

The leader of the "LNR" Igor Plotnitsky demanded that the field camp be organized in all strictness, without any leniency for the "deputies".

"I know about this initiative, I support it, and I think that our deputies must take part in this training. I know that many of them have already taken part in the fighting, but they will restore their knowledge and experience within a week. There will be no "special training", just ordinary army field training for one week", - he said.

"They must understand the soldiers' life", - the militant concluded.