The attack of militants against the OSCE patrol: responsibility was traditionally shifted in the "DPR" to the "special services of Ukraine" 06/21/2017 13:33:37. Total views 932. Views today — 0.

The terrorists of the unrecognized "DPR" are trying to shift responsibility for the bandit attack against the OSCE SMM patrol to the Ukrainian special services. This is stated in the message of the so-called "operational command".

The report notes that "special services of the Donetsk People's Republic detained armed people who had attacked the patrol of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Yasynuvata the day before".

The militants maintain that these people have no relation to the "DPR" illegal armed formations, although the incident occurred on the territory controlled by them.

"The revealed circumstances of the incident provide evidence of the ordered nature on the part of Ukrainian special services", - the "operational command" assures. Allegedly, the attack against the OSCE SMM patrol was carried out with the aim of discrediting the self-proclaimed leadership of the "republic".

What circumstances allowed the militants to make such hasty generalizations and why many hours after the attack the "agents of the Ukrainian special services" did not "tunnel", but continued to be in the occupied territory with weapons in hands, is not specified in the message.

As previously reported, the OSCE SMM had announced a violent attack against its patrol by representatives of the DPR on Twitter on Tuesday. The details of incident were made public later.