Thursday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 06/16/2017 11:01:51. Total views 1159. Views today — 2.

Media: "About $1.5 billion was added to the treasury of Ukraine from the enterprises of Akhmetov, until they came under the external management".

Media: "The head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky congratulated the public employees of the republic on the professional holiday. "It is not for nothing that our people have always said that any power is from God, it means that you fall under this understanding too, therefore I think that every public employee should comply with both biblical and peoples principle, as well as with the laws of the republic where we all live", - the head of the LPR said.

"The office of the human-rights ombudsman in the "DPR": "Verification of persons who, according to the information of the Ukrainian party, refuse to exchange has begun in the OSCE office today in the regime of Skype conference. The detained persons are given a form which they will fill up in their own hand and will confirm the refusal to exchange, or refute it. These forms will be provided to the participants of the humanitarian subgroup at the next meeting in Minsk".

Media: "The Sanitary and Epidemiologic Service of the LPR tightened the control over production of food products because of the seasonal increase in the incidence of diarrheal diseases".

"The DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations": "Convoy of trucks of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia delivered 103 tons of medical equipment and 261 tons of baby food to the DPR today. There are fruit and vegetable purees, juices and infant formulas among the products of baby food. The food kits are designed for children up to a year and from one to three years old. Earlier today, 17 Russian rescuers trucks delivered more than 200 tons of humanitarian cargo to Luhansk, including baby food and medicines".

Media: "Twenty-four new judges who were appointed by the decree of the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko took the oath today. Up to date, 93 courts administer justice in the courts of general jurisdiction, specialized courts and the Supreme Court of the DPR".

Media: "The amount of recovered court fees and penal sanctions for violations in the DPR for five months of this year exceeded $191 thousand".

Media: "The director of the Donetsk Institute of Urgent and Rehabilitation Surgery named after Husak, professor Emil Fistal congratulated his colleagues from the part of the Donetsk oblast and the regions of Ukraine controlled by Kyiv on the forthcoming Day of Medical Worker and invited them to the celebration in Donetsk".

"The LPR Ministry of Education": "The LPR is ready to share its textbooks on the Ukrainian language and literature with teachers working in the regions of Luhansk, controlled by Kyiv".

Media: "The Russian "Lava Fest" rap festival will be held in Donetsk on July 1, the event will be attended by famous reciters from the Russian Federation, including Rem Digga, Ptakha, Husky and many others".

"The DPR Ministry of Communications": "The Ministry of Communications of the DPR will provide citizens of the republic the access to the Google Global Cache caching servers which are able to increase the speed of access to the Internet websites. The Internet in the DPR will work better. Users will be able to load pages faster thanks to the first official Google Global Cache in the DPR".

Media: "The State Committee on Land Resources registered more than 1700 rights to use land plots from January to May of this year".

Media: "The first meeting of the winners of the republican championships of the LPR and DPR - Dalevets Luhansk club and the Donetsk Victory took place in Luhansk within the framework of the football "Champions Cup of Donbass". The meeting ended with the victory of Dalevets with a score of 2:1. The return match will be held in Yenakiieve on June 21, following the results of which the winner of the Champions Cup will be determined".