The Ministry of Energy asked the Foreign Ministry to warn 8 countries about illegal supplies of coal from the occupied territories 06/14/2017 16:36:24. Total views 1304. Views today — 0.

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request to warn eight countries about the risk of illegal supplies of coal from the occupied territories, -Interfax-Ukraine reports referring to a copy of the corresponding document.

The Ministry of Energy proposed to send information on options and possibilities for identifying coal from the occupied territories to the Ukrainian embassies in Turkey, the Netherlands, Spain, Moldova, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland and Romania to take all possible measures to inform local ports, customs authorities, existing and potential buyers.

This letter was prepared on the proposal of DTEK Energo, which, since March 2017, lost control of coal enterprises in the occupied territories and requested diplomatic support in solving the problem of illegal sale of their products in other countries.

"Proceeding from the information stated in the letter, illegally extracted coal of the said enterprises is illegally exported to the territory of Russia and then shipped to the territory of other countries", - the letter said.

The Ministry of Energy also noted that this problem of illegal coal sales also concerns the state mines seized in the occupied territories.

According to DTEK Energo, coal can be shipped to other countries under the guise of legally purchased, and also mined in Ukraine or Russia. The company declared its readiness to help in identifying such coal by analyzing the accompanying documentation and expertise of such coal, including involving the company's employees for sampling.