The former People's Deputy Firsov reports the loss of journalist Stanislav Vasin in Donetsk 06/07/2017 12:18:26. Total views 1280. Views today — 0.

The journalist and writer Stanislav Vasin was gone missing in Donetsk. This is reported by the leader of the "Alternative" Ukrainian movement, the former People's Deputy Yegor Firsov on his Facebook.

"It is more than likely that he was captured by militants. At the same time, his Facebook account is active, messages are sent from it and posts are placed. It is more than likely that it is not Stas because he does not answer the phone. Relatives cannot find him, there is no connection with him. A big request - be careful", - Firsov writes.

He added that "there are signs of break-in and search in Stas's apartment".

"Stanislav was in the uncontrolled territory all this time because he considered it his duty to stay in the center of events and write about what was happening there. He was not afraid of the risks, although he was aware of what this threatens", - Firsov concluded.