Kremlin statements on the recognition of the integrity of Ukraine mean nothing – the Russian journalist 06/02/2017 11:54:07. Total views 1159. Views today — 0.

Statements about Russia's recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, regularly voiced by the Kremlin, do not correspond to the strategic course for the integration of Donbass into the Russian Federation. This was stated by the Russian journalist Andrey Babitskiy who lives in the occupied Donetsk in the article for the Life.ru propaganda media.

"The destiny of Donbass has already been formed. I personally do not see any possibility for operating for a fall, when Russia would gradually take away from the republics what it gives them very gradually but with rigid determination. This is not just finances, goods and assistance in organizing the management of government agencies and armed forces. This is also legal support, expressed in the recognition of documents and decisions, providing citizens of the LPR and DPR with a special preferential status in the Russian territory", - he writes.

"The strategic course, taken three years ago, is not only unchanged regardless of the statements of the Russian politicians about the recognized territorial integrity of Ukraine, but is also unchanged at its core. This is the course for integrating Donbass into the Russian cultural, economic and legal space", - the great sympathizer of the illegal "republics" notes.