The OSCE confirmed that Krasnohorivka was shelled from the direction of the territories occupied by militants 05/31/2017 11:42:32. Total views 899. Views today — 0.

Krasnohorivka which suffered barbarous shelling on May 28, was shelled from the territory occupied by the "DPR" militants. This follows from the report of the OSCE SMM.

It notes that on May 29, Ukrainian officers at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) escorted observers to the place of fire damage in the government-controlled Krasnohorivka (21 km west of Donetsk).

The OSCE SMM does not explicitly name the culprits of the shelling, but indicates the direction from which the fire was delivered – it is east or south-east, that is, the territories occupied by militants. The OSCE also pays attention to the fact that damage to buildings is registered on the south-eastern side, that is, the shelling was from this direction.

"Observers saw a fresh crater (5-6 m in diameter) at a distance of about 6 meters to the east of the house on Nakhimova Street, 4. According to their estimates, the crater was formed as a result of shell burst, fired from the east or south-east direction. The SMM team saw broken windows and damages on the roof from the south-east side of the hospital building on Nakhimova Street, 1. Observers saw a damaged tree which grew from the south-east side of the hospital…", - the report said.

As previously reported, more than 40 houses, hospital and school were damaged in the front-line Krasnohorivka as a result of shelling on May 28. Three civilians were injured.

Terrorists deny their guilt, asserting without evidence that "the fire was opened in none of the directions, and they certainly did not use prohibited weapons". Meanwhile, the OSCE observation mission has repeatedly spoken about the use of heavy weapons by terrorists, including those banned by the Minsk agreements.