Theologian Ihor Kozlovsky was transferred to a colony near Horlivka after the "judicial" farce in the "DPR" 05/26/2017 13:17:35. Total views 825. Views today — 0.

The scientist-theologian Ihor Kozlovsky, sentenced by the "DPR court" to 2 years and 8 months of imprisonment, was today transferred to a colony in Mykytivka near Horlivka. His son, Oleksandr Kozlovsky informed OstroV about this.

As previously reported, Ihor Kozlovsky was accused of "illegally acquiring, transferring, selling, storing, transporting or carrying weapons, its main parts, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices".

Part 1 of Article 256 of the "Criminal Code of the DPR" prescribes "restriction of freedom for up to three years, or forced labor for up to four years, or arrest for up to six months, or imprisonment for up to four years with a fine of up USD 1300 or in the amount of wages or other income of the convicted person for a period of up to three months". In other words, Ihor Kozlovsky got almost the most severe sentence in the framework of this article.

Ihor Kozlovsky is being in captivity in Donetsk since January 2016, that is, he served one year and three months from the term of his imprisonment. The scientist, therefore, must be released in a year and five months. His family expects that Ukraine will be able to help Ihor Kozlovsky to leave before the end of this period through the exchange procedure.

As previously reported, on May 3, the "military tribunal of the DPR" illegally sentenced Ihor Kozlovsky to 2 years and 8 months of imprisonment.