A website for denunciations of Ukrainian law enforcement officers who stay true to the oath was launched in the "DPR" 05/19/2017 13:06:50. Total views 892. Views today — 0.

It was stated in the "DPR" that a website with information about employees of the law enforcement authorities of Ukraine, who had not come to serve the occupants, was launched. This is reported on the website of the so-called "MIA of the DPR".

It is stated that the fake agency has launched a website that, according to the version of militants and traitors of the Motherland, "expose the former employees of the Ukrainian militia who had left the civilians to their own fate in the difficult time for the Donbass, withdrew from their direct duties to protect law and order, declared the residents of Donbass separatists and focused all efforts to persecute them".  According to the "ministry", the resource allegedly allows citizens to express their opinion and supplement information.

Furthermore, it is reported that a "Diary of Patriot_DPR" blog in which all interested supporters of separatists can post data about the police officers who remained loyal to the Ukrainian oath was previously created by the "patriots" of the terrorist pseudorepublic.

This information on the website of the "MIA of the DPR" is marked as issued tomorrow, on May 20.