The “LPR” leader presupposes the return of the occupied Donbass to Ukraine if it becomes a "Russian world" 05/17/2017 16:24:34. Total views 836. Views today — 0.

The leader of the "LPR" Igor Plotnitskiy presupposes the return of the occupied Donbass to Ukraine, provided that a pro-Russian government is created there and Ukraine becomes part of the "Russian world". The militant said it in an interview with Russian Izvestia.

"Both Luhansk and Donetsk remain the territory of Ukraine, is it possible to make a real return to Ukraine?" - the journalist asked.

"The neo-Nazi regime is not the whole of Ukraine, not the whole nation. We understand that there are healthy forces that do not just support us, but will meet us when the time comes, it's true. Sooner or later we will forgive them, but after their repentance", - Plotnitskiy said.

According to him, "if Ukraine remains with the current regime, then there can be no question of any return".

"Our people said at the referendum: "We are the Russian world". And if Ukraine is pro-Russian, understanding that we are brothers, a single family, this is the Russian world, then it will be possible", - he outlined his vision for solving the problem of the occupied Donbass.