Orders on provocations against the ATO forces come from the Russian curators – Staff 12/30/2015 17:28:20. Total views 974. Views today — 0.

The militants get orders on provocations that are taking place in the ATO area directly from the Russian curators. The speaker of the ATO staff Anton Myronovych said this at the briefing in Kramatorsk.

"We use the term of hybrid Russian terrorist gangs not without a reason. Even those gangs that are part of the "DPR" and "LPR" consist not only of the so-called militias or "volunteers" from Russia, control and coordination of these units are provided by regular Russian military, who lead unit that have a key role in these units . And all the statements by the warlords are under the comprehensive supervision, ordered by the curators from the Russian Federation," - he said.

Myronovych does not exclude that "there are some gangs, the leaders of which still do not want to listen to the commanders in the self-proclaimed republics" in the territories temporarily beyond the control of the Ukrainian authorities.

"We do not exclude it, but in most cases everything, that is happening along the boundary line on the part of the Russian terrorist forces, is a planned provocation by orders that come directly from the Russian Federation," - he said.