The "DPR" militants are part of the Russian army, and the entire economy is being financed from the Russian budget - Zhuchkovskiy 05/04/2017 15:11:01. Total views 970. Views today — 0.

The Russian mercenary Alexander Zhuchkovskiy stated that the "DPR" is essentially a region of the Russian Federation, and militants are part of the Russian army. He wrote about this in VKontakte social network.

"Everything in the DPR is done for Russia: the army, the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Guard, etc. - everything, down to the smallest detail (form, symbols) as in Russia, only we write "the DPR" instead of "the Russian Federation", - he writes.

According to him, this also applies to the civil institutions.

"If you go to the Rostov oblast (or enter the DPR from the Rostov oblast) there are practically no differences: people speak pure Russian, the currency is ruble, there are portraits of Putin and Shoygu (in addition to the local Zakharchenko and others) in the offices, Russians are at the head of many army units and institutions", - he notes.

At the same time, according to him, Ukrainian and fake license plates from the "DPR" dominate the Russian ones.

Zhuchkovskiy writes that militants are part of the "Russian army", "the Republican Guard is part of the National Guard of the Russian Federation". He notes that "the economy is also tied to Russia, and pensions, salaries to the state employees and the military are from the Russian budget".

"According to all indications, it is the Russian region, and technically the territory of the LDPR is part of Ukraine according to the Russian authorities. But it is the state of facts that indicates that our region will inevitably become part of Russia officially in the coming years", - he notes.