Akhmetov was accused in the "DPR" of not being able to launch the enterprise "grabbed" from him 04/26/2017 20:51:02. Total views 928. Views today — 0.

The fake "DPR" admitted that they cannot launch the Donetskkoks plant confiscated from Metinvest and accused of this the lawful owner who is the victim of "nationalization". This was stated by the so-called "Minister of Trade and Industry" Aleksey Granovskiy to the journalist of Komsomolskaya Pravda.Crimea.

According to the "minister", the owner of the enterprise secretly cut out the coke battery just steps from the "DPR" militants.

"The former owner cut out a coke battery. It was a private enterprise of Metinvest. Unfortunately, we could not keep track and intervene. We did not know what was happening behind the fence. We came to see it when the external management was launched, but there was nothing to look at", - A.Granovskiy stated.

According to Granovskiy, the salary at Donetskkoks is paid only to the "men from the guard and several women from administration and accounts department" because of the impossibility of launching the enterprise stolen from Metnivest.

"They are paid for the preservation of social facilities of the plant – stadium, park, culture center. There is nothing else to pay for. The owner stopped the plant with a hundred-year history and made it impossible to launch anymore", - the author of the propaganda material describes the existing situation at the enterprise.