"If you started to kill - kill". Nazi style Dugin complains that Russia did not bring the Donbass war to the end 04/19/2017 13:02:08. Total views 1471. Views today — 0.

After provoking a bloody war in the Donbass, Russia did not bring it to a victorious end and did not achieve its goals. Alexander Dugin, one of the ideologists of the Russian World, wrote that in the magazine Izborskiy Club, which is controlled by him.

"The Donbass is a very painful situation, because in reality it is the half of the Russian spring, I lost a lot of close people there, and it's very difficult for me to talk about it. But we did not take Novorossia, we did not lose Novorossia. We have not completed the action", - he said.

"It's a bleeding wound, which we helped to create, but then we did not cure it. We did not finish anything", - Dugin complains.

He is sure that such indecision of the Kremlin, which signed the Minsk Agreements and declared that the "DPR/LPR" should return to Ukraine, is inadmissible. "Our behavior is disgusting. If you started to kill - kill, if you do not want to kill - go away", - he analyzes the situation in the east of Ukraine.

At the same time, Dugin is outraged that Russia has paid in full for the unfinished aggression against Ukraine. "We paid in full - as if we had completed the action and took Novorossia, and implemented everything we wanted. Imagine: you have watched only half of the movie, had paid the full price, but you were kicked outside while the movie continues. The Donbass situation is extremely painful and pathological", - he says.

Alexander Dugin is a Russian chauvinist politician, Ukrainophobe, one of the authors of the Russian World concept and the so-called Novorossia. He is under US financial sanctions against persons guilty of aggression against Ukraine. Since 2016, Dugin is the editor-in-chief of the tv channel Tsargrad TV. He is a member of the ultranationalist Izborsk club.