The "DPR" issued weapons to “reservists” to make "every apartment an autonomous fire point" - Zakharchenko 04/14/2017 17:46:43. Total views 1061. Views today — 0.

After the so-called "mobilization gathering", combat weapons were distributed among civilians so that in the case of hypothetical street fighting, they could open fire directly from their apartments. The “DPR” leader Alexander Zakharchenko said this during the live "hot line" with the citizens of Ukraine.

"Yes, we are equipping all experienced reservists, which does not contradict our Weapons Law, according to which it is possible to register up to 5 firearms. I have repeatedly said that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine or punitive battalions get to our cities, we will pour hot lead on their heads. Every apartment can be an autonomous fire point", - the militant said.