Occupants do not let valuable professional employees out from the "DPR/LPR" - Border Guard Service 04/13/2017 17:25:54. Total views 843. Views today — 0.

Pro-Russian occupants do not let workers who have high qualifications and work experience out from the "DPR/LPR". This was stated by the assistant to the chairman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine - the press secretary Oleh Slobodian, - the website of the department reports.

"According to the information available, the puppet leaders of the CDDLO take restrictive measures by means of repressive bodies to prevent the outflow of professional personnel from enterprises that are important for the region's industrial complex against the backdrop of the massive abandonment of these districts by professional specialists and the loss of personnel potential", - the statement said.

Oleh Slobodian explained that a ban to departure to the territory controlled by Ukraine is introduced for the employees for this purpose, with the entry of fundamental data to the relevant database which is used by separatists at the so-called crossing points through the line of demarcation.

The only way to enter the territory of Ukraine for this category of people today is through Russia, - the statement said.

"So we regard the current situation as another restriction of rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens to free movement from the pro-Russian government of the CDDLO", - concluded Oleh Slobodian.